I received a formal invitation to an old friend’s big birthday celebration on which it was clearly stated ‘Please NO presents, only your presence.’ What a generous request. How lovely not to have to rack my brains for an appropriate gift for a woman who has a lot, if not everything.

Imagine my surprise when people arrived at the function, one by one, with a gift in their hands. In my consternation, I asked a very old acquaintance I no longer see why people brought gifts when they were asked not to. ‘Well, she said condescendingly, ‘you don’t go anywhere with empty hands, do you?’

Well I do when asked for exactly that!

Since when does ‘NO presents’ mean ‘bring a present?’ Clearly it’s a secret code that I’m too naive to recognise.


What’s wrong with plain talking? Saying what you mean and having it received as what you mean.

And the moral of this story is?

Well, I don’t hang out anymore with people who aren’t plain talking. I haven’t done so for years because a) I’m not a mind reader and b) I like people to know exactly where they are with me and I am with them.

No codes. No games. Just heart to heart most of the time. That’s what you get in consultations with me, in training with me and in my #7Step home study programme too. Enough!

I’m seventy this year and, very much in the spirit of plain talking, I’d love to share my expertise, knowledge and wisdom with you as a celebration of my ‘elder’ status.

So I’m planning a few hours evening event for women called ‘A day in the life of a psychotherapist.’ Not just me talking but you asking all the questions you’d love to ask a psychotherapist but haven’t dared to yet.

Put me in your diary for the evening of Wednesday 6 June. Venue tba and, at this stage, somewhere in London. Drop me a line if you’d like to share in the secrets of my work and I’ll make sure you get priority notice of the event… Even before the usual #daretobeyou community priority!

I intend for us be a small group, maybe 20-25 women, so we can enjoy that special je-ne-sais-quoi energy when women come together. So, if you’d like to be one of my priority-list women, just send me an email registering your interest.

I won’t be spilling any confidential beans… absolutely not on! But I will give you shedloads of insights about being a psychotherapist and into what I do and how I do it. And you’ll have lots of time to ask anything but anything you’d like to know about me and my work.

Plain talking – just you and me!

Email me here.

Love to you…

PS If you know one or two women who should be receiving my blog posts, please forward this to them with my thanks. I’d love it if you also encourage them to sign up for my ‘stuff.’

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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