Nothing’s brought me quite as much mail as my mention of ‘divine feminine cojones.’ Thanks to all who contacted me… you know who you are <3

A few women hauled me over the coals for not being politically correct; ascribing masculine attributes to the divine feminine. A lot of women told me how they loved the term. And a few asked exactly what I mean. So here goes…

I don’t give a fig for politically correct. How PC was it to obliterate ‘actress’ in favour of ‘actor,’ ‘warrioress’ in favour of ‘warrior’ and ‘Chair Woman’ (and ‘Man’) into the neutered ‘Chair?’ For politically correct read ‘BS!’

The Divine Feminine has always carried supposedly masculine qualities of proactivity. For example, the divine ‘Sophia,’ also known as ‘Wisdom,’ is receptive, supportive and creative when you respect her. Disrespect her and destruction reigns down on you.

Even more, as human beings, we all possess both proactive (supposedly masculine) energies and receptive (supposedly feminine) energies. Balancing them is key for healthy expression.

For example, Trump is proactive-proactive-proactive (and reactive) with seemingly nil receptivity and compassion unless it suits him. While a person who veers towards the receptive in extreme would be all ‘love and light’ and very little, if any, action.

A brilliant example of balancing both kinds of energy is Mother Teresa. Now there’s a woman with divine feminine cojones! She had receptivity and love for the poor and sick and the Will and proactivity to create an organisation to support them.

And you know what, damned if I’ll justify ‘divine feminine cojones.’

Women who have them know it. Their DFCs are a mixture of feminine power plus Will and they give out the vibe, ‘Don’t mess with me!’ Your DFCs also channel and manifest your passion to help you achieve what you desire in life for the good of yourself, others and the greater good.

If you want a pair, get in touch!

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I love working with courageous women committed to their own personal development who value what I offer. If you’re one of them, you’ll have divine feminine cojones even if you don’t know it.

If you don’t recognise yourself in the above paragraph, never fear. You too have divine feminine cojones. And, just like your breasts first developed as little buds way back, your cojones will be in bud too.

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Love to you…

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Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash