You know how it is when you’re making a leap of faith. And if you don’t, give it a go some time. It’s simultaneously exhilarating and O M G. Anyhow…

When there’s a leap of faith to be made, you can fiddle and fart about. Well that’s what I’ve been doing with Truth Seekers. Putting my toe in the water then pulling it out. Wriggling the hula hoop excellently then letting it drop.

Until, fanfare of trumpets, a woman gets in touch because she wants to work with me. Despite me only putting out the essence of Truth Seekers and not its structure yet, a woman wants to work with me!

She sends me an email which I read several times. It’s like oh-god-oh-god-oh-god! Dreams are coming true and I’m as nervous as a love-smitten teenager.

What if she changes her mind when I tell her all about the programme? What if she doesn’t change her mind? I’ll have to put my actions where my mouth is!

Another part of me says, ‘You’ve done this work hundreds of times, maybe thousands, in different guises. All your years of experience and wisdom bring you to Wild-Elderhood and you frickin’ rock, baby.’

I write as my morning practice, feeling into the excitement, fear, joy and trepidation with which I’m sloshing about. And then, as clear as a bell, I hear, ‘Go to the wire!’

Go to the wire? Yes… I hear it again as my truth, my essence, my inner wisdom gives me my next step. Not sure precisely what going to the wire means, so I check it out.

‘To only be decided or be clear at the last possible moment.’

Aha! It’s that old uncertainty thing most humans dislike. My logical mind so wants to know the outcome of my action so my reptilian brain can calculate the risk of danger… which it usually gets wrong in a way-too-high-kinda-way!

A leap of faith has absolutely nothing to do with being certain. Quite the opposite. It literally means being/doing something when you have no idea how it turns out.

Divine feminine cojones time again!

I grab them and begin replying to the woman who wants to work with me knowing what I offer is awesome. Whether she chooses to commit to Truth Seekers or not no longer seems to matter.

It’s going to the wire that does…

Love to you…

PS If you haven’t made your way to our Truth Seekers closed FB group, you’re doing yourself a disservice. If it feels right for you, I’d love you to apply to join.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash