My last post was ‘The making of the Wild Elder’ and some of you asked what’s the big deal about being wild. Superb question, thank you.

As different women manifest different aspects of wildness, here’s my spin on what wild means for me and examples of how I’m being/doing it.

Those who know me wouldn’t expect to see me naked in a forest communing with nature, hair awry. Mmm… take out the ‘hair awry’ (sometimes) ‘naked’ (always) and I can be seen regularly communing with nature in my own back garden.

How you ‘be/do’ wild is up to you. Ignore the stereotypes!

For your wild self is you at essence; a magnificent being not imprisoned by what anyone else thinks, believes, says or does. Your wildness sets you free to be who you really are, rather than who you were trained to be, and gives you courage to swim against the tide if need be.

The courage to seek your own truth and stop living someone else’s life or the life they chose for you!

Wow, that’s really something. And yet, if you’re not to live a wasted life, living by your own wild and your own truth is not negotiable.

OK OK… It might seem like climbing Everest. And, if you really want it, you can learn how to live in line with your truth and wild self much quicker than you think. Here’s some of how I’m doing it…

Someone I’ve loved forever and who I believe loves me is crap about keeping in touch. For years and years and years I’ve kept on making contact with them and arranging social things so I could get to see them…. although I rarely figure in theirs.

Recently, although I will always love them, I relinquished the need to have them in my life.

That was a big deal… and a load of emotional upset and tension jettisoned.

Not too long ago I realised a debit card transaction that I was told was aborted had, in fact, gone through. This meant I had paid twice for a product. Could I find that ‘aborted’ debit card receipt? Could I, heck?

Now, I’m not the least assertive of women as you’ve probably gathered. But the idea of using precious time and effort to argue my case without proof that I didn’t have two of the product had my guts in turmoil.

As it was, I couldn’t physically get to the store for a few days. Thoughts of doing so triggered huge turmoil in the meantime. And with IBS, gut turmoil is not the best.

Then I laughed and laughed and laughed as I suddenly remembered I had a choice.

The ‘sensible’ thing would be to fight for a refund. The wild thing was to laugh deliciously and use the experience to be far more meticulous with my accounting and keeping of receipts.

That was a big deal, particularly as it might have been a scam. But, hey, what a great learning ride not to mention restoring emotional calm and relaxed guts!

A long time ago I took on the matriarch and glue role in our small family. I prompted people to call each other, reminded them of others’ birthdays, holidays and upcoming events etc. etc. Ya-di-ya-di-ya!

Suddenly I realised the last time breast-feeding was required was about forty years’ ago. So I stopped doing the matriarch glue thing.

It was a very big deal to let relationships fall where they may and a gorgeous-gorgeous release of control, worry and tension. Yeeehaaa!

How have I done all that and more? I ask myself the simple question, ‘Does this bring me joy?’ If not, then I stop doing it, caring about it, belonging to it or being with it. Finito!

My life is precious and I’m no longer willing to do ‘shoulds’, ‘the right thing’ according to others, keep ‘things’ going or keep people together.

I know that’s a big deal for many women. Put yourself first? How selfish is that? Very when you recognise self-ish as taking great care of self. Deeelicious!

The big deal about my wildness, if all the above is not enough for you, is it brings me peace, calm, spaciousness and shed loads of joy. Feels like heaven here on earth.

So, what if the basis of life is freedom? And what if the purpose of life is joy?

BTW… A side effect of your wildness is that even ‘chores’ can be a joy.

Fancy following my lead?

Love to you…

PS. You’re one of the first to hear I’m creating a special Truth Seekers FB closed group for the wild in you! More soon. If, in the meantime, you know one or two women who should be receiving my posts, please forward this to them and encourage them to sign up with my thanks.

Photo by Huyen Nguyen on Unsplash