I’ve been talking about how ‘dare to be you’ is not for the faint-hearted. Why? Because not every woman has the divine feminine cojones to go on a psychological / emotional / mental / spiritual / intuitive / etcetera journey into the unknown in search of her magnificence.

Magnificence? Also known as greatness, richness, splendour, brilliance, distinction, glory, impressiveness, radiance, majesty, resplendence and your spark of the divine…

Correction! All women have divine feminine cojones. Some are fully formed while others are hardly there at all. All are in different places on the spectrum between those two.

However, not many women are willing to grab them and co-operate with the divine in the joint venture of their own creation.

As I typed that a weird kind of political correctness popped into my head. ‘You can’t say that, Sharon!’ While I can and I have, it’s prompting me to add that you can grow your cojones and learn to grab them if that’s not where you are now.

Reality is, woman, you will most definitely need them in the magnificence joint venture. It’s not all love and light by any means.

There will be times when you’re asked to confront your darkness; those things in you which are murky, downright horrible and highly uncomfortable for you to even think about. Like the times I learned I could murder, I could abuse and I could torture.

It’s only when you acknowledge and own these things that you have the choice to do something different. Until then you’re on auto-pilot and the murk leaks unconsciously from you. In my case, I used to act out murder, abuse and torture by being at times viciously sarcastic; belittling, cutting and undermining.

In particular, I could cut a man’s balls off at 20 yards with the power of my tongue. No mean feat, I can tell you.

And, of course, what I did to others was a reflection of what I did to myself and the traumatic wounding from which my behaviour stemmed. Without the divine feminine cojones to face and work with my darkness there would have been no mending and no freedom; awareness and the ability to choose how I behave.

It’s the same with dynamics which limit your experience of life and deny you your magnificence. Like being ‘good girl,’ a victim, a pleaser, a martyr, feeling a ‘fraud,’ not good enough, that you don’t deserve things, blaming yourself for things that weren’t your fault. If I haven’t covered the dynamics that cripple you, just add them to the list.

Believe me, the freedom of awareness and the ability to choose how you behave, aka create your own life, is worth every cojones moment working with your darkness.

Did you know that darkness is just ignorance of the light? Your light. Your magnificence.

If you’d like to know more, join me for an exclusive gathering of just twenty women on the evening of Wednesday 6th June to celebrate my 70th birthday and over 30 zonking professional years as a psychotherapist. Take a peek at what it’s all about right here.

The joint venture of your co-creation also includes moments of bliss, joy, transformational heaven, beautiful tears of deep delight and what Abraham Maslow, a psycho-spiritual pioneer, called ‘peak experiences.’

Who knew your divine feminine cojones and your darkness could lead you to such magnificent ‘light?’

Love to you…

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Photo by David Monje on Unsplash