Now I’m burning with the passion of being ‘woman.’  I’m reading a book that’s firing me up to reclaim every single precious bit of me as ‘woman.’ For, in the Celtic tradition as with other indigenous peoples, women were the sacred guardians and keepers of the land.

I remember reading fiction about the mystical isle of Avalon and of the priestesses and maidens of the sacred Well who would be consulted for their ‘Othersight.’ So it was in ancient traditions that girls and women were revered for their deep connection with feelings, nature and all things ‘otherly.’

Until an off-the-rails king raped a well-maiden and stole the golden grail with which she offered him the sweet, life-giving and sacred well water.

Women… Have we all not had our golden grail stolen? The rape and violation of all things feminine and womanly that we have endured for eons.

Freakin’ hell!

As a species, we’ve been wrenched from the sacred Well both literally on the outside and metaphorically on the inside. It’s we women who have to lead the return to truth, our own spiritual Wellspring, so that others might follow.

I notice I said we ‘have to!’

I remember being told, in the Kabbalah, the esoteric teachings of Judaism, it says the woman will lead the man to spiritual realisation. At the time I remember saying, ‘Fuck that… They can find their own way there.’

I was eager for liberation from stereotypical gender roles. I was not then in a place to help a bloody man succeed on the back of my energy and being YET AGAIN!

Even now, my passion is with women. Instead of banging on about parity of pay… yes, I know it’s important…BUT I want you to bang on about your LOST BIRTHRIGHT AS WOMAN AND TO RECLAIM YOUR GOLDEN GRAIL, YOUR TRUTH! Our own witchy and magical ways that were ripped from us in a masculine world order paradigm… and still are.

For when we women stand in our power, issues like parity of pay will be piss easy. As will be righting all inequalities due to gender… any gender!

It’s not for no reason that I’m The Wild Elder. I would have given my right arm for a woman like me to nourish and guide me in my teens, twenties, thirties, forties and even into my fifties.

Our culture is so bereft of wild woman elders, wild woman leaders.


Standing in my power so you, woman, can reclaim your truth and stand in yours.

Reading the book, I now understand why a garden is crucial for me. As small as mine is I go out there and connect with Mother Earth. Feel her through my bare feet, smell her, touch her and be with her creatures.

She nourishes and grounds me as the divine feminine inspires and elevates me.


A woman connected to her lineage, to Othersight, to beyond beyond, to her intuition as well as the incisiveness of her logic, rationality and science. Rounded and grounded and standing in my power.

A guardian and keeper of the land… INCLUDING YOURS!

Love to you…

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Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash