I listened to some women chatting on the train this weekend. They were talking about their families and what they were doing. It was a lot of polite small talk; she’s asked about my kids so I’ll ask her about hers. Then one paused, looked at the other intently and said, “I can hear myself talking shite.”


Her companion looked shocked and then recovered with reassuring comments as to the other woman not talking ‘shite.’ She wouldn’t be moved. In one precious moment she had heard herself being inauthentic and had the courage to own up.


‘Well done,’ I said and they both looked at me like I was an alien. As I left the train, I hoped the ‘shite’ woman’s revelation to herself was the start of a growing journey and a wakeup call for her companion. Yet, how many of us tolerate the discomfort of that moment of consciousness to do something about it?


Womens’ voices are made for far more than shite. Women’s voices are made to access our wisdom, to guide ourselves and others, to bring humour, gentleness, collaboration, love and harmony into our crazy world.


Reminder to self: Stop talking shite!