Last week I wrote about male bullying of females and a quick way to access your stand-in-my-own-power energy. This week we have the toppling of a male bully dictator in Zimbabwe.

Historically, Zimbabweans didn’t #daretobeyou unless it was behind closed doors. Just to criticise the regime could result in a beating, imprisonment or worse. However, the army’s action to neutralise the big daddy bully and his big mummy bully wife gave permission for the people to speak their truth.

They came out in their tens of thousands to denounce the bully. He and his wife were expelled from the political party he’d led for decades. Plus parliament will impeach him if he doesn’t resign as President voluntarily.

Phew! See what can happen when someone stands up to the bully!

Now, I’m not naive enough to think there aren’t other machinations going on politically. But Zimbabwe demonstrates how taking successful action can free people to express their truth.

And what of we women? How are we shackled from speaking our truth and taking action?

‘Come on, Sharon, nobody’s shackling me!’

Oh no? You will have internalised messages about what you should and shouldn’t do, behave and be from very early on. Even if it’s not living in fear of another, it could be wanting to be a people pleaser, doing anything for a quiet life, being a ‘good girl’ or similar. Parts of your personality are shackling you right now, woman!

You might even have an internal big daddy or mummy bully who rules your life from the inside.

You put up with it because that’s your ‘normal.’ You might sense there’s more to you and life but feel at a loss to know what that is because your internal dictator who won’t let you get anywhere near to your truth.

I’m not going to show you how to free yourself here. No, really! We all say we want freedom like now but given the reality of it to say or do or be anything you want? It would scare the bejabbers out of you!

That’s why my #7Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme™ leads you from what you don’t want to what you desire instead… over time! No unrealistic promises or bullshit. Just a simple yet powerful and doable process which builds, resources and enables you to glide into the freedom you desire.

In the meantime, here’s a first step towards freedom…

You’ll know the messages and feelings you get when your internal bully is on the hunt. Things like you’re a pile of poo, not good enough, will fall flat on your face. Feelings like anxiety, fear, inadequacy, being a fraud. Whenever you get one of those say…

‘Thank you SO much for telling me that and, right now, I’m reading Sharon’s blog post.’

By acknowledging the anti-life gremlin bully and what it said, you are disarming it. In fact, you can ham this up a bit if you want. Anti-life gremlin bullies aren’t smart enough to get the irony. Then, the ‘right now’ brings you into the present and mindfulness followed by the reality of what you’re doing right now which reinforces it.


You’ll feel any tension subside. And, by repetition, repetition, repetition, you’ll interrupt and degrade the internal bully pattern. You’ll also bring yourself out of a self-induced trance (unreality thoughts and feelings) and more into the present. Whoa, the headiness of being in the now can be delicious!

If you know one or two women who should be receiving my blog posts and inspirational messages, please forward this to them. And I’d love you to encourage them to join our community here.

REMEMBER… You CAN give yourself permission to dare to be you!

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash


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